CatEye Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer Review


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Price history for Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless 10-Function Bicycle Computer (Black)
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CatEye Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer Review

Somethimes its best to have the little simple things in life. As a cyclist this can be important. That is why we have done a CatEye Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer Review

No more GPS here just going back to basics with the CatEye Micro Wireless computer.

Like me you probably enjoy just getting out on your bike everyday so have no use for a GPS computer and just want a tool to measure your rides and thats what you get with the CatEye Micro Wireless computer. But you are looking for the best cycling computer for the money.

Who is this cycling computer for?

The CatEye Micro Wireless is for the cyclist who trains serious enough and goes out everyday to improve and get fit then this is a great addition to your rides.

Not too big either so that it takes all the room on your handle bars but big enough to see how well you are doing or how bad your our doing!


If its a basic computer do you even get any features?


First feature is the design.  I like the silver clear design that CatEye have used on the CatEye Micro Wireless computer, its different than the usual black design of many computer.


The CatEye Micro Wireless Computer provides Ten functions. These computer featyres include:

  • Current Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Elapsed Time
  • Trip Distance
  • Trip distance 2
  • Average Speed 2
  • Elapsed Time 2
  • Odometer
  • Clock

Im sure you will agree 2 Average speeds are a great feature because of the variance in your cycling. As well as the auto stop start feature so you get a more accurate reading of your ride.


The CatEye Wireless Cycle Computer comes with the standard bracket that fits to your handlebars.

The bracket that the computer sits on also is excellent as it fits on both the handle bars and stem.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our CatEye Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer Review has helped you.

If your aim this year is to get out more on your bike and you want some motivation then investing in one of the best cycling computers for 2017 is a start.

There are many cycling apps that you could use on your mobile but having all that data in front of you as you ride makes a real difference.

The CatEye Wireless Cycle Computer may offer the best value cycling computer. Its A great cycle computer for everyday use that monitors your rides and helps you by motivating you to keep going.  

Which cycling computer is the best? Thats for you to decide but one thing we can tell you is the CatEye Wireless cycle computer is simple to use and set up no messing with different menus.  A great addition to your rides.

9.5 Total Score

A great cycle computer for everyday use that monitors your rides and helps you by motivating you to keep going. Simple to use and set up no messing with different menus. A great addition to your rides.

Ease of use
  • Can be used on multiple bikes
  • Easy Set up
  • Friendly design
  • Sensor a little large
  • Cable ties to fit
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I owned a much older CatEye Micro computer (purchased in the early 1990s) and it never failed me. In fact, I only replaced the battery one time during 20 years. I don't know what's up with this one, but already after only a couple dozen miles, it is dropping the signal from the transmitter. And it did this on a longer ride where I needed to keep track of speed and time to keep my pace. If I were averaging between 14 and 16 miles per hour, I was looking down to see it jumping to either 5 or 8 miles per hour, sticking there for 10-20 seconds, and then jumping back to correct speed. The sensor is dead on accurate, and the gap between sensor and magnet is well within the 5mm spacing required (more like between 2mm - 3mm). This trail, by the way, was the smoothest I've ridden in the area, and earlier, the computer held its speed on far more bumpy roads and trails, so jostling around is not the problem either. I am going to try new batteries in both (never know how stale the batteries are) but, if that does not cure it, I'm sending it back.Furthermore, a few more complaints. First, attaching the computer with cheap cable ties is rather janky, but attaching the sensor is a recipe for failure. Despite having the ties as snug as I can, the sensor can still be nudged around if I push on it. Not good, and in my opinion looks cheap.Also, why such a useless short range on the sensor? It should allow me to mount it to the rear wheel, not the front, where it is more out of harm's way. An extra 25cm of range would have resulted in a perfect mounting point. Yes I could go with a wired computer, but the point of the wireless is not to have a lot of problem-prone cables held on with more cable ties (which looks even more tacky).Finally, don't buy this for the backlight--the single weak LED in the lower right corner does not even make this visible in the dark.Pass on this one. There are better computers out there.
By-=Rudy=- - July 13, 2015
Bought a new bike and needed a computer to track my speed and mileage. other bikes have the old Cateye Micro that have served me well over the years. So thought I'ld try this. I didn't want anything big, didn't want GPS (I have my phone if I need it). Just something simple. And this fit the bill. Easy to install, took about 1/2 an hour. Works very well, never had trouble with wireless not working. The zip ties are a little lame and you need to think through how to install them. would be nice if they provided a few extra. but I'm sure you could find at bike shop or elsewhere if you needed to. I expect many years of use out of this product.
-=Rudy=- - May 12, 2016
This unit has all the right stuff so that I'm disappointed that I cannot "love" it. As with other reviewers, the singular, and fatal, flaw that keeps me from recommending it to anyone is its sensitivity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). I haven't seen the crazy high numbers that others have, but I regularly see "0 MPH" for current speed. Much worse in town than in the country, but it still happens in the country. I have not been able to isolate causes, which seem to range from car ignition noise, to alarm systems, to ???As a result, the trip mileage is thrown off, sometimes a lot, and it makes difficult to track on ride route sheets. It also means that one's accumulated mileage cannot be accurate.Addendum: additionally, the screen cover appears to be polarized on a portion of it. As a result, it is difficult to read with polarized sunglasses.Having read of others' experiences, I don't think the wireless units are reliably ready for prime time. I'm going back to a wired unit, since all I need are the basic functions of trip distance, current speed, total distance and trip average speed.
ByChuckbo - May 28, 2015

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