CycleOPS Magneto Trainer Review

CycleOPS Magneto Trainer Review


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CycleOPS Magneto Trainer Review

You maybe thinking who are CycleOPS? They are based in USA.  CycleOPS have a strong background in manufacturing of indoor cycling and bike trainers. So with that in mind when looking to buy a bike trainer then it would make sense to buy from a manufacturer who actually make cycle trainers. So we have provided a CycleOPS Magneto Trainer review.

CycleOPS really do understand what it means to train and improve as a cyclist. They have spent years researching and designing bike trainers.

You want to improve your cycling maybe dream of tackling some of the pro courses. If that is your goal with cycling, and you are looking to buy the best cycle trainer then your in good hands with CycleOPS.


To begin with, i’m sure you will agree that when it comes to bike trainers the CycleOPS magneto trainer really does look like an excellent but good looking piece of kit. Mag in Magento is from the magnetic resistance on the trainer. You are looking a at a mag & turbo trainer.


A standout feature of the CycleOPS bike trainer is the resistance clutch unit. This ensures optimum tyre and roller roller engagement every time your ride.

The linear resistance boosts workout intensity to match each pedal stroke. Thus giving you a better workout.

The trainer comes with patented magnetic based progressive resistance and bike clamp design offering a more stable and secure bike fit. Also replicating outdoor riding as much as possible.


The idea of a bike trainer is so you can incorporate extra workouts indoors using your bike. A great tool for indoor training is Zwift. The good news is the CycleOPS Magneto Bike Trainer is supported by Zwift making your indoor training a lot more interesting.

Is it noisy?

Your eager to rise in the morning and start training, but you have neighbours so will you wake them all up? The noise level at 20 mph is only 70-74 decibels so quite quiet and you wont wake the neighbours up on early workouts.

Training Surface

Not everyone has the perfect conditions for training like we see with the pros. An excellent feature is the eccentric levelling feet that allow for easy adjustment on uneven surfaces.

Tyre Wear

Look at your tyre after a training session on some trainers and you may wonder where your tyre has gone. The CycleOPS Magneto trainer is made from precision machined alloy roller which reduces tyre wear and slipping to avoid any injury.

Who is this bike trainer for?

Serious Indoor Trainer

The CycleOPS Magento Indoor bike trainer is for anyone who wants to take their indoor training to the next level.  You can turn your bike from comfortable indoor training to a serious training session, one where gains can be made.

Bad Weather Outside

If your the type of cyclist that hates to miss a training session because of the weather then the CycleOPS Magento turbo trainer is the perfect alternative.

One of those best bike trainers for replicating a real ride. As mentioned the resistance levels on this bike trainer can help to replicate outdoor conditions. Other turbo trainers just cant do that and at a great cost to some of the other turbo trainers that try to offer the same.

Final thoughts

Firstly you may live in an apartment block or a built up area. Some turbo trainers can sound like an aeroplane ready for take off and can be heard by all your neighbours.

No need to worry about this noise with the CycleOPS Magento indoor bike trainer, so its ideal for indoor training.

If your are a beginner cyclist and still not sure about riding in bad weather and want an alternative to going out then a turbo trainer like the CycleOPS Magento indoor bike trainer is a good alternative.

Sometimes as cyclists we just don’t feel like going on long rides. Also we now know the benefits of shorter interval workouts and feel like changing your training to include sprinting.

With clear instructions and an easy CycleOPS Magento setup you could be training indoors that evening.

If you dont want to spend too much and break the bank for a top bike trainer, then the CycleOPS Magento bike trainer is the ideal turbo trainer for you. Built well by a manufacturer that knows what they are doing, I would recommend CycleOPS Magento Indoor Bike Trainer.

9 Total Score
Worth the investment

Built well by a manufacturer that knows what they are doing, I would recommend CycleOPS

  • Well built
  • Very Quiet
  • Great Value
  • Lack of instructions
  • Flywheel doesn't fold back when storing
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This trainer can't touch a fluid trainer for quietness and maximum resistance, but it's a great compromise. Significantly cheaper and no need to worry about an eventual leak. The trainer is extremely easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions. You can get a serious workout on this thing, especially if you follow the included dvd... that workout is brutal.
Bybustacapyoyoyo - March 4, 2013
This trainer works great for me. Some reviews said it was noisy or loud. I found it very quiet and very smooth. I mounted my old bike on it so I don't have to take it on and off. This was exactly what I was looking for and it works perfectly for me.
bustacapyoyoyo - June 14, 2015
bought this trainer knowing it was a mid range trainer and it works just fine. Had one problem a defective part when received called cycleops and they sent out a replacement part immediately no problems since.
ByDon Hazel - December 29, 2013
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