Feedback Pro Ultralight Repair Stand Review

Feedback Pro Ultralight Repair Stand Review


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Feedback Pro Ultralight Repair Stand Review

First a little about Feedback. What a great name to start! Feedback are based in Colorado and begun in 2004.  The Feedback Pro Ultralight repair stand is more of a stand for the home or shop.  More of a classic design than other stands we have looked at.

The Pro Ultralight was designed for races and pro mechanics who needed a stand that was easy to carry, compact and easy to use when needed in emergencies.


Heavy or Lightweight

The answer is lightweight. Thats what is in the name and it really is lightweight. Not only that but the lightweight design makes it easier for you to carry your stand around and also store the workstand.

Don’t be put off by the lightweight of this bike repair stand.  It is made from anodised red aluminium and uses a slide lock design to securely hold your bike in place while you carry out vital maintenance.


Feedback have gone with the tripos design here.  The reason this design is that when your on uneven surfaces it still works well. So if your are caught out mid ride and have your workstand with you, as you do, then no need to worry about finding and even surface.


Clamping your bike to the stand is done by the slide lock clamp. The reason we like this clamp is its has unique torque-amplifying clutch holds the bike securely without the risk of crimping the frame tubing. Clamps are also quick release for convenience.

The wide clamp opening fits a range of bikes and the 360º rotating clamp and height adjustment means your bike is always within easy reach.

This allows you to manoeuvre the bike into the ideal position to carry out repairs. The height of the stand can also be adjusted for ease of use.

Who Is This Workstand For

Ideal for any cyclist. Why do we say that? This is due to the size and weight its ideal for those who like to clean and repair their bikes at home. Nothing worse than a bike stand that takes up all the room.

The rotating clamp is ideal if you have trouble getting to the hard to reach areas of your bike.

Ideal also if you travel a lot with your bike. Repairs on the road or cleaning need to be done. This stand would easily fit in your car so wouldn’t be too much trouble to take with you.

Final thoughts

If your a beginner cyclist and have read that workstands are useful then you have read correct. More than useful actually. With so many workstands out there it can be hard to chose which one.

Holding a range of bikes, from race ready road bikes to full suspension mountain bikes, the stand can hold up to 38.6 kilograms of weight. However although the clamp should fit aerodynamic seatposts, you might not find the working angle ideal so may need to consider a different bike workstand.

The Feedback Pro Ultralight repair stand is a great stand to buy as your first bike workstand. Ultralight not just in name but it really is a lightweight workstand.

This stand comes with a great price and is easy to assemble and store away and if needed to take along with you on your rides. If your looking to buy the best bike workstand to carry out your bike repairs but dont want to take up all the space in the shed with your workstand then the Feedback Pro Ultralight repair stand is a stand that you would seriously want to consider.

7.5 Total Score
Excellent First Workstand

The Feedback Pro Ultralight repair stand is a great stand to buy as your first bike workstand

  • Easy Setup
  • Very Strong and Stable
  • Good price
  • Mechanism can be slow when winding
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Considered buying this vs the Park Tool PCS-9 and PCS-10. Here are my thoughts.Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight:- 170$ approx, 10.6 lbs, made in taiwan- quick release tabs on extension tubes and folds up easily- feels solid and sturdy, tubes are thicker and bigger than the picture suggest- solid clamp mechanism, i believe still plastic connector, but feels very solidPark Tool PCS-9:- 140$ approx, 23 lbs, made in china- no quick release on extension tubes- heavier, harder to use, harder to setup and take downPark Tool PCS-10:- 180$ approx, 25 lbs, made in china- quick release on extension tubes- heavier- large plastic clamp armIn summary, for the price, it is lighter and better than the similarly priced park tool PCS-10. I'm sure if you spend even more money you can get a high quality stand, but this works for my occasional hobbyist type jobs. I would still recommend the Park Tool HBH-2 Handle Bar Holder. This is key to work with the front wheel easily.I will update as I use this over time. I imagine it will hold up for many years though.
Bypenlight - November 16, 2015
A great bike stand! While not too heavy to carry, it is solid and holds a bike steady for all normal work. Robust components with a minimum of plastic. The quick slide vice jaws are handy but not critical. The ability to adjust bike angle without loosening the grip on the frame is very nice and very useful. The quick release components are all metal and very sturdy. There really is nothing under-sized or weakly made base on my limited use. I use this stand less than once a month, so cannot attest to its commercial durability. But for an active DIY bike mechanic this is plenty of stand. It also holds a brush cutter/grass trimming machine quite nicely for repair and adjustment work. Such a pain finding a place to set a grass trimmer so you can make tuning adjustments without the spinning head hitting the ground. Rather cushy sitting in a chair and working on this equipment, both bikes and weed eaters! I expect you will find other uses as well, with a little imagination. Makes a great light stand while doing work in dimly lit rooms. Glad I bought it.
penlight - May 27, 2015
After reading multiple reviews on Bike Repair stands, I took the plunge and decided to purchase the expensive Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight Repair stand because it is supposed to be one of the lightest (10pounds), portable, 350degree rotatable bike repair stands on the market. In addition, the stand is stable for multiple surfaces and made of aluminum (unlikely to rust if I use it while I wash my bike). All of these things are true.At first, I thought I had made a mistake buying this repair stand because the pedal was hitting the vertical red post, when I was spinning the drive train. I contacted Feedback Sports to complain and was lucky enough to reach Sammy , who was funny, friendly, and helpful. Apparently, the black arm of the stand can swing outward horizontally when the arm is at 6:00. This totally fixed the problem and the pedals no longer hit the bike stand when I spin the drive train.Thanks Sammy at Feedback Sports!
ByVishmandu - December 9, 2016

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