Best price Garmin Edge 20 Cycle Computer Review

Garmin Edge 20 Cycle Computer Review

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Garmin Edge 20 Cycle Computer Review

Another Garmin on the list.  I said they would be strong in the list. Garmin are big players in the cycle computer market so why wouldn’t we do a Garmin Edge 20 Cycle Computer Review?

Who is this cycling computer for?

With the Garmin Edge 20 we have a small watch looking cycle computer, but what does it bring to cycling if anything. We think its one of the best cycling computers for 2017.

Again this is a small cycle computer.  Which is great because we don’t have much space on our cycle bars so saving space is a must and the Garmin Edge 20 allows for this.

This computer will be of use to a serious cyclist or someone who cycles each day. Not just a few times a year.

Cycling Apps

If your main form of excersise is cycling then you no doubt keep track of your rides on Strava. Yes the Garmin Edge 20 works well with the best cycling computer apps like Strava, ideal for tracking your rides.

If this sounds like what you need  and was wondering which cycling computer is best, then the Garmin Edge 20 is for you.  Keep reading our Garmin Edge 20 Cycle Computer Review.


Keeping your data is important, I know it is for me. So with your distance, time, calories burnt you can really track your progress on the ride.  Is that is or is there more?


I like this Garmin Edge 20 because it looks like a classic digital watch, and I like watches.

Size Matters

To begin with, this is a small computer but a powerful cycle computer. It weighs just 25g and has a simple interface. This simple interface and design makes it great and easy to use when out on rides.


You can certainly track your progress by tracking your time on the road the distance you’ve gone and the calories you’ve burnt.

But you can also track your progress by comparing your previous rides to see if your getting better, or worse!  Then connect to Garmin connect to see your rides on your phone or desktop.


Not sure where to ride?  No problem, other rides that other cyclist have ridden are available for you to use and ride.

Final Thoughts

So what do we think about the Garmin Edge 20?  Having read our Garmin Edge 20 Cycle Computer review we will of helped you if your looking for the best cycling computer in 2017 you may have found it.

Like me you will have ridden rides with your phone tracking your rides but it can be annoying not knowing how far you’ve gone how fast your doing, data is important.

The Garmin Edge 20 provides all that data. Its an excellent size so doesn’t take too much space on your bike.

This is an excellent tool when your trying your best to cycle more is the Garmin Edge 20 will help you keep going as it becomes addictive as your track your rides. As it works well with cycling apps you can check all your data at home on your computer.

One word of caution though. Those of poor vision may struggle to see their data as they are riding. Apart from that the Garmin Edge 20 maybe best value cycling computer.

8.5 Total Score
Excellent Computer

If you've ever ridden rides with your phone tracking your rides it can be annoying not knowing how far you've gone how fast your doing, data is important. The Garmin Edge 20 provides all that data. Its an excellent size so doesn't take too much space on your bike.

Ease of use
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Long Battery Life
  • Can read screen in the sunlight
  • Software difficult to use
  • Can be hard reading the screen
  • Does not always track GPS
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garmin edge 20 cycling computer.
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Ride Your Way Lean

Rodale. 2010

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The edge 20 requires special course file. Garmin does not offer a simple converter for .GPX to the. FIT file format needed for the Edge 20. There is also very little documentation online for uploading your own courses to the device. After some heavy Googling I was able to find a helpful forum post and free 3rd party software for converting GPX files from Strava or Ride With GPS. Google Edge 20 JaVaWa RTWtool and you'll find details on the software. The conversion is super simple... I can't believe Garmin didn't think we were going to need this.That being said, the Edge 20 is an great minimalist bike computer. I'm not at all interested in connectivity with sensors... I just need the basics and gps ride data and the Edge 20 delivers exactly that reliably. Battery life is acceptable, hours better than my iPhone. Performance is reliable and on par with my iPhone + Bike Brain and Strava. Also it weighs nothing! All in all its a great little gps computer and a tremendous value.
ByJ Camp - February 10, 2017
Pros:- Small and low profile.- Build-in GPS tracking. No wiring or sensor needed to be install on your bike.- Back-lighting.- Very good bike mounting system (included).Cons:- Not the cheapest thing on Earth. Why is it more expensive than the actual car GPS is beyond me.- It don't give you the option to just display a single feature on the screen during riding. It forces to display at least two available options, making the text smaller. Basically, screen too small for what is being displayed.- GPS is not always reliable. It could give you false reading and long GPS lock.Other thoughts:I only needed this to keep track of my speed and the milege of my bike. For every other thing, you better off just mounting your smartphone on your bike. Of course, you're going to need coverage on your smartphone where the Unit does not.Maybe one day I'll upgrade to a bigger device with bigger screen, but they cost too much-
J Camp - January 24, 2017
Tried this out and accuracy was so horrible I researched it and found out it only records every 8 seconds. This should be stated in the advertising, the accuracy is laughable, especially for mountain biking. I just wanted this GPS for STRAVA and liked the simplicity, but when compared to others I rode with it was almost comical. I returned and bought a cheaper Cateye Stealth 50 with 1 sec recording and have been pleased with it. Garmin could easily fix the inaccuracy by changing it to 1 second recording but apparently they want you to buy their much more expensive device. As it is, they have a program that just "guesses" where you are during the other 7 seconds that it does not record, which produces some pretty funny results when overlayed with your buddies Strava ride. The Garmin is easier to connect and setup than the Cateye, but the Garmin is really only aimed at light recreational riders, and a recreational rider is just going to use their more accurate smartphone anyway, so I don't really see who this is marketed to?
ByTexan - July 12, 2016

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