Garmin Edge Touring Touchscreen Review


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Garmin Edge Touring Touchscreen

The Garmin Edge Touring Touchscreen provides more than just Distance and speed. As the serious rider in todays tech world, we want all the data we can get including where we are and where we are going.

So we are taking a look at a well known brand in the cycling tech space, Garmin.

Garmin is a name you may know from Satellite Navigation in your cars but now the also guide you in your cycling. They are one of the best and rightly so because of their excellent reputation.

The Garmin Edge is actually known as Satellite Navigation for your bike, who would of thought that Satellite Navigation for cycling would be a thing.

But nowadays cyclist really do like to get out on their bikes so a navigation does help.

Not only does it provide maps of where you are going or where you have been but also lets you search for rides. So just like in your car you put an address in and the Garmin Edge will plan the route for you and all you have to do is follow.

Not Just For Road Bikes

Dont worry either your not just stuck to the road, You can choose between cycling, tour cycling and mountain biking modes to calculate the most appropriate route for the type of cycling you do, taking you on paved roads, unpaved roads or on paths and trails.

But you might only have a planned distance in mind maybe a Sunday morning ride of 50 miles.  You just simply tell Garmin Edge how far you want t ride and the computer will calculate the route for you and bring you back to your start point.

If you know your routes you can cycle them being tracked by the Garmin Edge and then download and share your routes for others to enjoy.

Of course it not just about the maps you can also track your rides with speed distance and elevation.

Like all cyclists we want to now know the finer details. It makes our training more enjoyable with a purpose. Not only will the Garmin provide your route information but will also let you know your speed distance and elevation.

If your the type of cyclist who leisurely rides the same routes each ride then this maybe wasted on you. This cycling computer would be wasted if you just went on local weekend rides or just the odd ride when the weather is good.

Not Sure Where To Ride

You may enjoy getting out there and putting some real distance in. Difficulty is its hard to know where to go sometimes. And yes there are places where you can plan a ride, but they are time consuming.

The Garmin Edge Touring solves that problem by simple inputting your distance or destination and follow the clear route.

If your looking for accurate data on your rides then this computer provides all that.

You maybe the adventurous type of cyclist though, or maybe enjoy going off road on your rides then this computer is a great addition for you with the pre loaded maps and Garmin Adventures.

In Conclusion

The Garmin Edge Touring is packed with features. You benefit from on road and off road navigation using pre loaded Garmin maps.

You can plan and download routes and input a distance to ride. What I like is the Point Of Interests for cyclist. But after a great ride who doesnt want to tell our friends or look back on it?

Well with the Garmin Edge Touring you can easily do this with Garmin connect or Garmin Adventures.

If your a touring cyclist then this is a great addition to your cycling.  Its a well known brand name that you can trust.  You receive Quarter-turn bike mount, USB cable, Garmin cycling map on microSD card (pre-inserted in Edge) Quick Start Manual.

It would seem as with a lot of tech patience is needed.  But if you don’t know where you going then this is a handy piece of kit.  If your looking for just data on your cycling then a different model might be needed.

7.5 Total Score
Excellent GPS

If your a touring cyclist then this is a great addition to your cycling. Its a well known brand name that you can trust. You receive Quarter-turn bike mount, USB cable, Garmin cycling map on microSD card (pre-inserted in Edge) Quick Start Manual.

Ease of Use
  • Large bright colourful screen
  • Excellent option letting it take you on routes
  • Reasonable price
  • Can be slow planning distance
  • Loses GPS
  • Difficulty inputting routes seems to crash
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garmin edge touring gps-enabled bike computer.
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Ride Your Way Lean

Rodale. 2010

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I had been waiting a while to purchase a GPS-based bike computer, but the Garmin Edge 810 was a bit pricey for me. I wanted a unit that would track trips, show speed and distance, and have mapping and navigation capability. While the 810 had all of this, it also had a lot of stuff I didn't need.So when Garmin announced they were coming out with their touring model, I was excited. So far, here's what I think:Mapping -The maps that came pre-loaded on the device are pretty good. The device shows what streets I'm on and also recognized the local bike paths. I created a map on the Garmin Connect site and downloaded to the device. Piece of cake. The map is only as big as the unit, so some things look a bit small since I don't wear my reading glasses when I ride.Auto Start/Stop -Great. Set to turn off the timer at 3 mph or slower. Worked with no issues.Display -The touch screen is better than expected as it works while I'm wearing full finger bike gloves. In the sunlight, the data screen shows up just fine without backlighting, even while wearing dark sunglasses. The map is easier to see with the backlight on.Accurary and GPS -The unit picks up the satellites very fast, way faster than my Garmin 110 running watch. As far as accuracy goes, Garmin has had several years to get this right and they seem to be spot on with this one.Menus and Navigation - A little confusing at first and they could definitely use a better user's manual. However, once I figured out how to set up the screens, things got a bit better. Probably the only weakness of this device.Battery Life - Too early to tell, but initial indications showed that I used 15% of capacity on a 2 hour ride. So the unit should be good for at least a 10-12 hour ride without a problem.Overall - 5 stars. Everything I need. The price is a bit high and Garmin doesn't discount, but they've got the best units, so if you want mapping without running the battery out of your iPhone, this is your best bet.
ByThe Bear - December 27, 2013
I was considering this and the Edge 800/810 and am very happy I made this. I now have $300 to spend on something else for my bike.In short, the Touring Plus is *the* model to buy if you want to:- have full maps (granted, opensource but awesome ones)- have turn by turn directions with cue to follow a route/course- see how fast and far and how much climb you did- see how frickin cold or unbearable hot it is- see that your heart goes faster when you climb- take a chance and let the computer choose a ride for youBut don't need to:- train to become a racer (you mostly smile when you ride)- need to see your cadence- need to see your power- need to post your route progress online in real timeYou can tell all your friends you have the 800 cause they look the same too.Enjoy!
The Bear - March 18, 2014
This one is a real step up from my old Edge (I think from the 350 series, but not sure). It is not as intuitive as I had hoped, but I've only been on three rides with it. This past weekend we were out of town and I used one of the features that got me to buy it. That is the feature where you request for the Garmin to map a trip for you. I asked it to select a 35 mile ride for me. It gave me three choices, which is what I expected to see (based on the Garmin I keep in my car), but the choices ranged from 36 to 44 miles and it was difficult to figure out where those routes would take me when I pulled up the map for each one. I was pretty familiar with the area, and it looked like the two longer rides would take me on a road that is very heavily traveled, so I opted for the shortest route. Along the way, there was a slight detour. I was able to navigate around it, however, the unit ended up taking me back to my starting point at around 18 miles. I hope that I did something wrong in the setup or that this was an anomaly. I'll report back later.
ByeDad - May 15, 2014


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