MuddyFox Mens RBS 100 Cycling Shoe Review

MuddyFox Mens RBS 100 Cycling Shoe Review

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MuddyFox Mens RBS 100 Cycling Shoe Review

Ok I can hear the “why is this shoe in” groans. Well you maybe on a budget and looking for the ideal budget road cycling shoe so consider this cycling shoe with our MuddyFox Mens RBS 100 Cycling Shoe Review.

I decided to include within this list a lower cost cycling shoe maybe one if your just starting or a cycling shoe that is ideal for commuting everyday.

Theres certainly nothing wrong with a cheaper brand of cycling shoes.  I can speak from experience as my own father wears these for commuting everyday.

So having seen that not everyone can afford a £200 pair of shoes or even £50.00 I thought Id see what we could buy for less.  

The shoe we are now looking at is Muddyfox Mens RBS100 Cycling Shoes. Muddyfox another name cycling fans will recognise.


Does the budget price mean that this shoe is budget in every way?  Certainly not you get a good value price but also a good cycling shoe.


The Muddyfox RBS100 has a two hook and loop tape fasteners for a secure fit so no worrying about your shoe coming off on your ride.


Comfort is also included in this shoe as you would expect.  There is a cushioned insole with and added feature for comfort with a shaped and padded ankle insole.


If your wearing these shoes for cycling to work then no need to worry about sweaty feet as a feature of this shoe is the mesh panels for increased airflow to help your feet breathe.

Who is this shoe for?

Like I said these are a great cycling show if your commuting. The cost is enough to convince you to buy these shoes for commuting as you don’t really want to spend that much on shoes to ride to work.

The Beginner

But also if you are just beginning in cycling and don’t want to pay out some of the high prices for cycling shoes then this is an ideal shoe for you.

Heres what I think.  If you are just starting in cycling and decided you want cycling shoes then this is a shoe for you.  I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on cycling shoes if you’ve never worn any as you may not like them.


Sure these aren’t the best looking cycling shoes and some of the colours might seem a bit bright if you don’t want to be noticed. But if budget is your thing I would recommend these shoes.  As it maybe difficult attaching the cleats then you will need a lot of patience.  But I’m sure theres a helpful video for this job.

Muddy Fox are a well known name in cycling like Shimano.  So although budget shoes quality hasn’t been lost.

Final Thoughts

The reason I did a MuddyFox Mens RBS 100 Cycling Shoe Review is that I had in mind the cyclist that is on a budget.  Lets face it not everyone can afford the more expensive road cycling shoes.

So you may be someone who is looking for a budget road cycling shoe.  If that is you then do consider the MuddyFox Mens RBS 100 Cycling Shoe.

However if you do decide to buy a pair I wouldn’t keep them for very long.  The MuddyFox Mens RBS 100 Cycling Shoe is ideal for getting used to wearing cycling shoes but you will want to consider an upgrade fairly quickly, trust me.

4.6 Total Score
Good Bargain Shoe

If budget is your thing I would recommend these shoes

  • Great Value for money
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Cleats fit well
  • Different colours
  • Sizes smaller than expected
  • Cleats can be difficult to fit
  • Difficult to walk in
  • Cold feet in winter
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