Park Tool PRS20 Team Race Stand Review

Park Tool PRS20 Team Race Stand Review


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Park Tool PRS20 Team Race Stand Review

You will most probably have heard of Park Tools, and if not then as a cyclist you will get to know Park Tools. You see why we have included the Park Tool PRS20 Team Race Stand.

Park tools began in the 1950’s and are going strong today in Minnesota USA.

The Park Tool PRS20 Team Race Stand was originally designed for US Postal Cycling team, Tour De France winners also. So again another stand designed for pros available to everyone. A tool that pros use must get our attention.


Size and Weight

The good news is, although designed for the professionals, no massive garage or workspace required for this workstand as it is compact. Moving around with your workstand is also a joy as it is compact and also lightweight. Great if you want to take tour workstand with you.

The weight is only 8.2KG and size is upto 96cm and when folded and being stored away the size is compact at 84cm.


This workstand securely holds your bike without clamping your aluminium or carbon frame. Secured in with quick release clamps so you could put it on by yourself.

The quick release mounts hold your bike from the front or rear dropouts. There is a vinyl covered cradle and quick release retention strap stabilize bottom bracket.


Because of the tripod design this makes it secure and steady when you are working on your bike, there is no toppling over which is annoying with some cheaper workstands.

A great feature is the 360 degree horizontal rotation. Why is this good? Because when your working on your bike you do not want to have to keep getting up to work on the other side so you can simply spin thePark Tool PRS20 Team Race Stand around.

Coated in durable blue powder coat with a chrome finish then you have no need to worry about rust or corrosion.

Quick release mounts hold bike securely by the front or rear dropouts.

Bottom bracket height quickly adjusts from 28″ to 38″ (71cm to 96cm)

Rear axle adjusts from 130mm to 135mm by turning adjusting nut outward five turns

Who is this stand for

Designed originally for a professional cycling team. Now made available to you and me the home maintenance guy. Ideal for home cycle repair due to the size and weight.

The design is great for getting all angles of your bike covered with the 360 degree rotating clamp easy to reach them hard to get places. Ideal for time saving to, set up the stand clamp you bike on, release your bike with the quick release clamps and away you go.

Final Thoughts

If a tool designed for a professional cycling team becomes available to us, then we must take a serious look at that tool. When searching for the best bike workstand to carry out our repairs on on our bikes then we would want to buy the Park Tool PRS20 Team Race Stand.

Not many issues can be found with the Park Tool PRS20 bike workstand. This is what you would ecpect from a bike workstand designed for a professional cycling team.

A great compact workstand that once set up can be left or stored away easily if you dint have the space to keep it fully assembled. Bikes do come in all shapes and sizes so this workstand is ideal for such occasions.

8 Total Score
Ideal For Home Maintenance

A great compact workstand that once set up can be left or stored away easily if you dint have the space to keep it fully assembled.

  • Simple to assemble
  • Compact easy to fold away
  • Works with different frame sizes
  • Strap can be improved
  • Bottom bracket support not good for carbon
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Giving this a 5 star minus. The stand itself is well designed and very sturdy. The legs will in fact stay positioned if you pick it up and move it but that requires tightening the fixing bolts properly to begin with. My only gripe is that my stand arrived with a slight defect: The main cross beam is steel square tubing having two thread-tapped holes at one end for mounting the bottom-bracket support. Mine arrived with only one of those two holes having been tapped to accept a screw. That was simply missed in Park's QC process. Not wanting to buy an entire tap & die set or deal with Park on it, I simply drilled two holes all the way through the square tube and mounted the thing with 1/4 x 20 x 2" stainless steel bolts and self-locking nuts. Excellent product. For the price it shouldn't have to be modified by the consumer however.
Bycrewdoglm - September 20, 2016
I've had the stand for about a year now and love it. It's solidly built, should last forever (can't imagine what will wear out), and holds the bikes securely for washing or repairs/maintenance. Quick and easy to mount the bike, can swivel the bike around to wash or work on both sides, and to change the working height. When not in use it folds up nicely and can be stashed in a corner or closet or trunk of the car if needed for travel. Just a couple of pointsLEGS - during assembly it's necessary to tighten the bolts enough to slightly compress the leg cradles. This keeps the legs from flopping when you move the stand, but still allows them to be easily folded for storage.STRAP - sometime during the first couple months I removed it and haven't found the need for it since. I suppose it might be useful for bottom bracket work (which I haven't done) but for everything else - installed brakes, new RD, chains, replace cables, switched pedals, adjusted handlebars, cleaning - the strap isn't necessary.BOTTOM BRACKET SADDLE - a couple of reviewers don't like it, but I like the design. The 4 points don't look like they'll hold the bike securely, but they do. And they make it easy to route cable under the BB. After a year there is no discernible wear on the vinyl/rubber coating.The only suggestion I'd have is for Park to include a rubber or plastic cover for the bottom of the middle column. I made the mistake of using it on a hardwood floor, and dropped the column all the way down to install new handlebar tape. I knew better, but forgot to put a bit of cardboard/wood down to protect the floor. Now I have a little round scratch in the floor from the column. I put a couple of strips of duct tape on the bottom to prevent that in the future, but a correctly sized cover would work better.All in all a great stand. Can't imagine ever needing to buy a new one.
crewdoglm - April 3, 2015
Pricey, but with my new frame and dropper seatpost, there was no place to clamp the bike with my old work stand. It's so nice to be able to use a stand again with my bike.I used the strap for a few weeks to hold the bike on the stand, but I think normally, it's not needed, and I've stopped using it.It's great that it spins around. That makes accessing the bike much easier.The adjustable height is nice too.Since my bike has a thru axle on the fork, I bought the Thru Axle Adapter. So that makes it even more pricey.My magnetic parts tray sticks nicely on the stand's cross bar.
ByJasperL - July 14, 2014

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