Shimano SH-RT82 Review

Shimano SH-RT82 Review


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  • $72.20 - October 27, 2017
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Shimano SH-RT82 Review

I did say they were a trusted brand. With the Shimano R065 being an ideal beginner shoe for the road the Shimano SH-RT82 takes your cycling shoe up another level. Shimano have added some extra pieces from the R065 road shoe.  Find out what they have added with our Shimano SH-RT82 Review.

Who is this road cycling shoe for

Again if your on a budget then you should consider this shoe as not a cheap road cycling shoe but a budget cycling shoe ideal for commuting, save your best shoes for the weekend.


This is a cycling shoe you say, what other features could they add?


To begin with the Shimano SHRT82 has 2 velcro fastening straps and now a buckle to fasten your shoe. Whereas it used to just be a velcro fastening you now benefit from added security with a buckle fastening.


Adding to this there is an additional recessed cleat design which aides walking, a glass fibre sole insert that provides stiffness and support when pedalling and an EVA insole provides added support and comfort.

I like the Shimano SHRT82 because its a great comfortable shoe just feels great when your riding and the buckle makes it feel that extra secure and snug.  This is again a great durable shoe

More than just an entry level shoe, this is a great performance road riding shoe but also ideal for commuting and can be worn on some mountain bike pedals.


Again taking safety into mind Shimano has included the reflective strips for your added safety. Because of the recessed cleat design and the glass fibre insole provides a stiffness and support for riding and helping your performance but also when you get off the bike it aids walking.

Looking at size Shimano have given a little extra help and advice with this. They advise customers to take 1 or 2 sizes (EU) bigger than your normal size. Interesting but helpful.

An overall look at the Shimano RT82 SPD shoe you will get great performance on the road touring and commuting and can even use the shoe for MTB style pedals.

Best Road Cycling Shoes for Walking

The recessed cleat aids walking. Leather Inner Material provides added comfort and secure snug Hook & Loop Glass fibre sole insert Ratchet buckle closure Reflective detailing for safety.

Final Thoughts

This cycling shoe is more than just a low end budget road cycling shoe. For your rides long or short this shoe will improve your performance. So if your looking to upgrade your cycling shoes or start with a durable performance shoe then consider the Shimano RT82  road cycling shoe.

7.5 Total Score

This cycling shoe is more than just a low end budget shoe. For your rides long or short this shoe will improve your performance.

  • Very Comfortable noticeable on longer rides
  • Comfortable to walk in when stopping for coffee
  • Great for spinning
  • Excellent Value
  • Sizing can be difficult
  • Don't fit all cleats
  • No cleats supplied
  • Tongue can be uncomfortable
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Photo DanaGarcia on Flickr

Shimano 2014 Men’s Road Cycling Shoes – SH-RT82 (Black – 40)

Following Best Cycling Products Review

Recently I got more into road biking and finally made the decision to switch from my commuter shoe to more of road shoe. Have had these for about a month now and done several longer rides with them and they feel awesome on my feet. With my commuter shoes after riding 20 miles or so I was feeling the pressure points from cleat area. These shoes helped eliminate that, as they have a nice hard sole. I've done few 50+ mile rides and my feet no longer bother me at all. Highly recommend!
ByMike Bzowski - September 29, 2016
I had some old Shimano shoes I have been using for the last ten years. I decided it was time to get new road shoes, since I was about to embark on RAGBRAI for the first time. I bought some nice, expensive road shoes with Speed Play cleats/pedals at the recommendation of the guy at the bike shop.Bad idea. I love the shoes I bought, but they don't accept SPD cleats. I tried one of the SPD-SL to SPD converters, but they were equally as bad. Speed Play cleats are cool and all, but not for any place on earth that might have dirt, rocks, sand, or mud. In other words, They're awesome if you ride in a vacuum. Often times during RAGBRAI I'd spend 10 minutes trying to clip in. Sometimes it worked, other times it did not. When it didn't work, I'd ride without being clipped in, which was not the most fun considering the hills of southern Iowa.I bought the Shimano SH-RT82 shoes because I know/trust SPD, and even if these shoes are "technically" for mountain biking, and are not as light as the road shoes I bought, I'll be darned if they don't provide more comfort, ease of clicking in/out, and overall confidence. Love these shoes!P.S. Does anyone want to buy some Speed Play pedals
Mike Bzowski - August 5, 2016
I describe myself as a "serious recreational rider" meaning I like to put in a 60 mile day, but I also like to stop from time to time to take in the scenery or have a coffee, so I ride SPD pedals and shoes because I like the recessed cleat shoe design for walking while off the bike. Unfortunately, most SPD shoes I've ridden to date have been fairly flexible mountain, cyclocross or touring shoes and these have given me problems with pedal pressure "hot spots" on the bottoms of my feet. I bought these shoes hoping a more road-oriented shoe might be more comfortable on longer rides.In regards to design, the heart of this shoe is its rigid plastic midsole. I've never owned a pair of super rigid road shoes to compare them to, but I can say these shoes are more rigid than other SPD shoes I've worn. The "walking sole" is a full length rubber sole bonded to the midsole. This overmold also creates the recess for the cleat. The insole is a pretty typical molded foam affair similar to that found in a running shoe. The three components of the sole work together pretty well. The shape and material of the "walking sole" allow you to walk fairly normally without sliding around on smooth surfaces while the midsole is plenty stiff for pedaling.In regards to fit, follow the Shimano sizing chart. I have some size 46 cycling shoes from other makers. I have a fairly wide foot so width is as important to me as length. I wanted to be sure I had enough width so I bought a size 47, which Shimano says is a tad larger than other brands size 46. I can verify this. The size 47 Shimanos are a tad larger than my other shoes, but just a tad. If I had bought a size 46, they would have been too small. One nice feature of the Shimanos for people with wider feet is the shape of the toe box - it is more "blunt" or "squared off" across the front than other shoes I own making it more roomy. You can't see this in the pictures, but you'll notice it as soon as you pull them out of the box.Finally, in regards to materials and construction, they're fine, but these are not expensive shoes and the synthetic material used in the upper will never be mistaken for leather. They're not the prettiest things either. It's this that earned them four stars rather then five.I've only ridden these shoes three times. They seem okay. Definitely stiffer and roomier than my other shoes. I may invest in some thicker insoles, but I will give them some more miles before making a decision.
BySiMateoAko - February 21, 2016

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